Your Exclusive Invitation to the Biggest Day in Social Media

Imagine this scene…

You’re in your car. Windows rolled down. Your favorite music on the radio.

Straight ahead…. the skyline of Denver, and the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. Big cotton ball cloud float in a crystal clear blue sky.

You’ve got a big silly grin on your face.

Whether you already call Colorado home or you made the journey (as many others have) from another state, you know today is no ordinary day.

You park your vehicle. Step outside, and take a deep breath. You’re a little nervous – no, excited. You’re about to be a part of something new… something different… something wonderful. Something you will remember because it will impact you and your business for years to come.

You have high hopes for this day.

You walk in the door, and the next instant you see that your hopes are now a confirmed reality.

You came because you want to grow your business.

You came to meet people who would share their knowledge and wisdom.

To help you break through the barriers that seem to hold you back.

You came with aspirations of being a part of something… something valuable… something new… something big.

And there, overlooking beautiful downtown Denver, it hits you. Your hopes, dreams and aspirations are about to be fulfilled! It’s all happening.

Welcome to Social Media Day Denver 2017, the biggest and most significant social and business learning and networking event to ever hit the Rocky Mountains.

As you look around and sense the excitement in the room matching your own, your suspicions that this will be no ordinary day are confirmed.

At this intimate event are some of the biggest names in social media, and many of them have come from great distances to be a part of the day.


As you scan the room, it’s impossible to not pick these experts out of the crowd.

There’s Ray Edwards, one of the world’s most prolific and highest paid copywriters. He came all the way from Spokane, Washington to be a part of Social Media Day Denver. He’s smiling and enjoying some coffee with other attendees as the day is gearing up to start.

And there’s Bryan & Courtney Kramer, traveling all the way from San Jose in order to impart their knowledge to you.

As you further scan the room with the massive picture windows through which the Denver sunlight comes through, your eyes land on one of the legends of social media who has flown in from Tampa, Florida. It’s Kim Garst, one of the Keynote speakers, and she’s engaged in a conversation with others. Correctly reading the friendly atmosphere of the room, you walk right up to her and introduce yourself. In spite of running a very successful social media agency and having tens of thousands of followers, you immediately recognize that Kim is just a regular person who has done extraordinary things.

You feel completely at ease and know that you are in the right place. And you are so happy you overcame your own personal objections about making the trip. You’d heard Joel Comm, the other Keynote speaker for the day, share how important it is to go to events. He’d said events is where it all happens. You are glad you listened to his advice!

And as you thank Kim for her time and turn to take a seat, there’s the Denver local, Joel Comm himself! He’s got a huge grin on his face and he welcomes you to Social Media Day Denver. He makes some sort of self-deprecating joke and tells you that you are in for a treat unlike any other.

You’ve not been in the room 15 minutes, but the flood of experts continues…


There’s Michael O’ Neal, host of The Soloprenuer Hour podcast, which has over 250,000 monthly listeners. He came in from San Diego to be with you!

There’s Andrea Vahl, one of the best-known (and loved) teachers in Facebook marketing.

There’s Vicki Fitch, weekly talk show host and Facebook Messenger pro. Los Angeles is her home.

How is it that Denver is attracting so many high-quality people from such a distance?!

But Joel Comm isn’t the only Denver local who has come out to share the day with you.

There’s Anthony Prichard, local YouTube expert.

There’s Leslie Nance, who was nominated for a Shorty Award as Top Periscope broadcaster.

There’s Matt “Handshakin” Holmes, accurately named for his super-power, which is teaching networking.

And there’s Mia Voss, a travel and lifestyle blogger who has cracked the code on traveling the world as a career!

You’re thrilled that you are going to be hearing from each of these world-class speakers today. And as Erin Cell, the host for the event invites you to take your seat, you experience another ah-ha moment…

You are surrounded by business owners who are making a tremendous impact in their communities… and they are all there with you to learn, to network and to grow. While you’re sure there will be fantastic takeaways from each of the speakers, it dawns on you the opportunities that can surface from networking with the other attendees!

Now you are more certain than ever that this day will change your life. Oh, this is going to be a VERY good day!

Here’s just some of what you are settling in to learn:

Full-Day of 12+ Sessions led by Local & National Industry Marketing Leaders

  • Discover the Future of Digital Marketing and get an advantage over your competition
  • Learn actionable tactics to take your business to new heights
  • Multiply your Facebook Ads efforts to get more qualified leads ready to buy from you
  • Find out how your words can motivate your customers to take action
  • Discover how to engage your community to follow you wherever you go

And so, so much more!

And when the sun goes down, the day isn’t over. In fact, it just means a Denver Social Media tradition is about to take place!

For the past 3 years, keynote speaker Joel Comm has taken the mantle of bringing the local social media community together for a networking meetup unlike any other. If business networking, social sharing and a party had a love child, it would be called Social Media Shenanigans with Joel Comm!

An evening of meeting friends, old and new; forging relationships; creating business opportunity; all mixed in with a whole lot of memorable fun… that’s Social Media Shenanigans! And you’ve never seen anything like it.

Check out some of the photos from past Shenanigans events which have featured social media luminaries such as Ted Rubin, Chris Brogan and Pat Flynn, and you’ll instantly get the sense you are about to encounter something truly unique.

When Joel Comm brings his playful personality into the room, you know that he and his friends are going to deliver massive value.

Joel has invited Kim Garst to be the special guest for the 2017 Shenanigans, which will take place at the very same venue. Food, drink, photo opps and great prizes are just a part of the evening which you will not soon forget.

By now you know that Social Media Day Denver & Social Media Shenanigans is for you.

Go ahead and secure your ticket now as we anticipate the event selling out every seat!


SMDayDEN is unlike most conferences allowing YOU to interact & engage with the speakers

  • Network with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and marketers of all levels
  • All speakers will be at the event for the entire day to spend time with attendees
  • Our sponsors and partners will be providing discounts, deals, and giveaways to attendees


All full-day conference attendees receive a complimentary VIP ticket to Social Media Shenanigans with Joel Comm for the evening networking party

Catered Lunch is provided to all conference attendees

Need new Headshots? We can help with that! We will have a photographer on-site providing a FREE headshot for you to update your social media profiles

Heavy appetizers provided to all conference attendees & VIP Social Media Shenanigans ticket holders by Mac ‘n Noodles Food Truck with the option to purchase a full meal